Butte Youth Now Coalition

The Butte Youth Now Coalition is a gathering of community leaders, stakeholders, and youth who convene to strategize solutions and make commitments to support prevention efforts aimed at reducing alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and violence in all communities and cultures throughout Butte County. Butte Youth Now Coalition focuses on policies, ordinances, and codes which support enforcement efforts and provide additional funding and resources. Since being officially recognized as a Drug Free Community Coalition in 2006 Butte Youth Now has become a leader in Butte County in implementing environmental strategies that have been proven effective in reducing youth access to alcohol and underage and high-risk drinking.

The Butte Youth Now Coalition Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month from 3pm-4:30pm via zoom. For any information or questions, please contact Tori Diaz at 530-922-0038 or vdiaz@buttecounty.net


Opioid Education Billboards

In conjunction with MC2 designs, the Butte Youth Now Coalition has developed 6 educational opioid billboards to be placed throughout the county.

Responsible Beverage Service Training

Every May, the Butte Youth Now Coalition coordinates and hosts a Responsible Beverage Service Training for local bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. This free training focuses on identifying fake IDs, cutting intoxicated patrons off, preventing over-pouring drinks, and more. Please see the videos below for past attendees.

Butte Youth Now Coalition Partners

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