Parent Committed

The Parent Committed campaign is about providing support to parents and families with teenagers. This campaign urges parents to renew their commitment as a parent and support their child through their journey into adulthood–when they are discovering and defining who they are.

During this campaign presentation, parents view the Wasted Documentary, an unscripted, award winning documentary, that exposes the truth on underage drinking. View the Wasted Documentary here:

About this Program:

The greatest influence on a young person’s decision to drink alcohol is the world they live in. The number one protective factor against youth alcohol abuse is a strong parent-child relationship–a PARENT COMMITTED.

It is time to stop accepting teen drinking as a rite of passage and to understand the threat it poses to healthy development. Parents play a vital role in replacing pro-alcohol messages with clear messages urging young people not to drink!

Today, nearly 10.8 million youth, ages 12-20 are underage drinkers

73% of young people in Butte County report drinking alcohol.

It takes a Community COMMITTED to eliminate underage drinking!

Parent Committed is divided into 3 steps: Notice, Choose, and Act. The first step is Notice, and it encourages parents to be aware of the facts surrounding underage alcohol consumption.


The second step in parent committed is Choose, and it encourages parents to choose to not provide alcohol to minors, and to set guidelines discouraging alcohol consumption with their teens.

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The last step is parent committed is Act. Act provides guidelines that parents can follow to help their family lead an alcohol-free lifestyle.2 3

Here is a Parent and Family Pledge that informs parents on ways to create an alcohol-free environment with their family.11 2

The goal of Parent Committed is to reduce underage drinking and youth access to alcohol by increasing support to parents and families with teens.
For additional Parent Committed Resources, click here: Parent Committed

For more information or to schedule a convening, please contact Jennifer Skinner at

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