Friday Night Live

Friday Night Live is a youth led action group that meets on high school campuses. Young people build leadership skills, broaden their social network and initiate projects that improve school climate and reduce youth access to alcohol.

Club Live

Club Live is a club for middle school students that meets on middle school campuses. This group of youth build their leadership skills while increasing their social network and implementing community change projects.

Impact Mentoring

Mentoring is a program that pairs excelling high school students (mentors) with junior high school students (protégés) that could benefit from extra support. Mentors and protégés meet once a week to focus on setting goals to help improve the protégé’s life.

Youth Nexus

Youth Nexus is a youth led philanthropy board that focuses on grant writing, civic action, and community service. Youth Nexus was founded in 1999 as the first youth-led philanthropy board in Northern California.

Butte Youth Now Coalition

The Butte Youth Now Coalition is a gathering of community leaders, stakeholders, and youth who convene to strategize solutions and make commitments to support prevention efforts aimed at reducing alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and violence in Butte County. BYNC focuses on policies, ordnances, and codes which support enforcement efforts and provide additional funding and resources. Since being officially recognized as a Drug Free Community Coalition in 2006, BYNC has become a leader in Butte County in implementing environmental strategies that have been proven effective in reducing youth access to alcohol.

Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families (SFP) is a nationally and internationally recognized parenting and family support program. SFP consists of a Challenge Day, 11 sessions, and a graduation night focused on building the parent’s, the teen’s, and the family’s capacity for healthy functional relationships.

To learn more about the Prevention Unit’s programs, watch the Prevention Unit Video or contact us at 530-891-2891

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