Special Events and Conferences

Athlete Committed Conference:

The Athlete Committed Conference is designed to optimize athletic performance, health, and wellness by educating coaches and athletes on the impact of nutrition, sleep, character, stress, and chemical health. Athlete Committed has been adapted from the Life of an Athlete Program developed by John Underwood. Life of an Athlete has been utilized in 39 states, and more than 600 NCAA institutions, the United States Olympic Committee, and Sport Canada.

Summer Officer Training:

The Friday Night Live/Club Live Summer Officer Training is a leadership training that prepares both new and returning officers for the upcoming year, increase their skills and knowledge, and prepare officers to make a change on their campus and in their community. The Summer Officer Training consists of team builders, skill sessions, service projects, the Amazing Race, a pool party, camp fires, Capture the Flag, keynote speakers, and video diaries. In addition, officers will learn skills such as project planning, group dynamics, and the Interaction Method.

Youth Development Summit:

Participants expand as leaders during large and small group sessions during this two day conference. They learn how one person can make a difference and how a collective group can create an avalanche of change. Participants become advocates to end underage drinking and to address the industry saturating youth with the message to use. They learn how to improve their school campus climate, reduce bullying and harassment, and reduce the stigma associated with depression and isolation.

Reach for the Future:

The Reach Conference is based on a Youth Development framework, providing leadership skills, support, and opportunities for young people. Reach is broken up into 3 days: Challenge Day, Workshop Day, and Odyssey Ropes Course Day. Challenge day creates a safe, open, and caring space for people to connect in a nurturing and fun environment, helping people realize that they are not alone in the issues we face. Workshop day educates participants on a variety of topics and inspires them to create change in their community. The Odyssey Ropes Course is a high ropes course focused on building teamwork, and breaking down barriers between people.

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