Oroville Live Spot

2167B Montgomery Street, Oroville CA

(530) 538-7124

SUMMER HOURS: Monday-Friday: 7:45AM-5:30PM

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What is the live spot?

The Live Spot is a comprehensive youth program (6th-12th grade) designed to build the skills and capacity of young people, provide opportunities for meaningful youth engagement and involvement in pro-social activities and reduce/prevent gang involvement /delinquency. The Live Spot offers youth led, youth developed programming, workshops, vocational/job opportunities, mentoring, supportive services and events. The Live Spot employs young people to develop, implement and evaluate Live Spot services. Young people are the primary partners at The Live Spot and are recruited to plan and implement all facets of youth activity at the center, from co-facilitating solution focused group meetings to being trained as youth evaluators. The Live Spot is a place where young people learn ways to contribute to the Oroville community. During The Live Spot open hours participants are involved in a number of pro-social activities designed to open communication and develop trust between staff and participants.

In addition, the Live Spot provides young people with mentors, tutors and supportive services from partner agencies.

The Action Team

Meeting Date: Wednesdays 3:45pm-4:45pm

The Live Spot Action Team is a unique program that prepares high school aged youth for leadership, responsibility and jobs. Action Team members are a crucial part of the Live Spot team and have the opportunity to create and implement activities for the participants at the Live Spot, attend life skills workshops every Wednesday, support Live Spot special events, such as helping staff our junior high dances,  do extra activities in the community, and help on the floor of the Live Spot.

Recently, the Oroville Action Team members and Paragon Petz  went to Pacifica Senior Living Country Crest in Oroville and met with residents.  It was a great opportunity for the Action Team to make a connection with seniors living at Pacifica Senior Living Memory Care. The pets put smiles on everyone’s face from the residents to Action Team members, and even the staff!

Some of the residents that we met with the previous time we visited who didn’t want to interact with us were more willing when they saw the pets. We had three bunnies and a puppy that we rotated amongst the residents, and they all took turns holding the pet or simply petting it. The joy that these pets brought to everyone was simply amazing, and the door it opened to building a connection between the people was incredible. We’re always planning more great community service projects so if you’re interested in giving back to Oroville then consider joining us!

The Action Team is open to high school students that want to take a larger role in the success of the Oroville community. The program requires a weekly group meeting as well as a commitment to work one day on the floor at the Live Spot.

Become a member: The Action Team is currently open for recruitment.  If you are interested in becoming part of the Action Team please the Oroville Live Spot at (530)538-7124 or contact Christina Chavez at CChavez@buttecounty.net. Live Spot programs and services are funded by MHSA