Butte County Department of Behavioral Health has several Committed Programs that encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent youth access to alcohol. There are four main Committed Programs: Athlete Committed, Merchant Committed, Parent Committed, and Physician Committed.

Athlete Committed:

The Athlete Committed campaign is about providing support to athletes, coaches and parents. This campaign urges athletes to renew their commitment to living a life of excellence! This is a commitment of personal responsibility-to never lose their focus and to never compromise on their values.

Merchant Committed:

The Butte County Department of Behavioral Health Friday Night Live and Club Live Programs have partnered with Butte Youth Now Coalition (BYNC) to develop and Implement Merchant Committed Education Program for off-sale and on-sale alcoholic beverage retailers (markets, stores, gas stations, bars, restaurants, especial event venues). The goal of this program is to reduce underage drinking and youth access to alcohol by increasing alcoholic beverage establishment compliance.

Parent Committed:

The Parent Committed campaign is about providing support to parents and families with teenagers. This campaign urges parents to renew their commitment as a parent and support their child through their journey into adulthood–when they are discovering and defining who they are.

Physician Committed: The Physician Committed program is still in development, so please contact with any questions you may have.

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