Chico Youth Staff

Rhiannon Pic

Rhiannon Besser

Programs: Marsh Impact Mentoring, Bidwell Club Live


Bailey pic

Bailey Stewart

Programs: PV High FNL, Chico JR Club Live


Naomi Desalange


Carter Cook

Programs: Fair View FNL, Chico High FNL

Mackenzie Harris

Programs: Athlete Committed

Mackenzie Harris

Ian Guanzon

Program: Athlete Committed

Bella Gordon

Program: Athlete Committed

Cruz Jauregui

Program: Athlete Committed

Kevin Ostrowski

Program: Athlete Committed

Ally Richelieu

Program: Athlete Committed

Oroville Youth Staff

Faith Mcfadden

Faith McFadden

Programs: Oroville Live Spot, Oroville Strengthening Families, Oroville High FNL


Gridley Youth Staff

Mayra pic

Mayra Castaneda

Programs: Sycamore Club Live, Gridley Live Spot, Social Media Coordinator


KaiLyn Cabrera

KaiLyn Cabrera

Programs: Biggs Middle Club Live, Biggs High FNL, Biggs Athlete Committed


Ayden Roberts

Programs: Gridley FNL, Impact Mentoring Sycamore, Live Spot

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