The Live Spot

Oroville Live Spot

2167B Montgomery Street, Oroville CA

(530) 538-7124

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Gridley Live Spot

590 Hazel Street, Gridley CA

(530) 846-7309

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The Live Spot is a drop-in youth program designed to build the skills and capacity of young people.

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The Live Spot is located in natural community settings and involves young people in every stage of programming (program planning, program development, program implementation and program evaluation). At a Live Spot, young people are provided opportunities for meaningful youth engagement and involvement in pro-social activities and support that reduce/prevent behaviors such as academic failure, gang involvement/delinquency, depression and suicide.

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The Live Spot offers youth led and youth developed programming, workshops, vocational/job opportunites and training, special events, mentoring services and other support services.

There are Live Spots located in Gridley and Oroville. For more information about the Live Spot nearest you or for upcoming events please call the Gridley Live Spot at 530-846-7309, or the Oroville Live Spot at 530-538-7124.


Live Spot programs and services are funded by MHSA

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