Club Live

What is Club Live?

Club Live is a youth-led club for middle school students that meets on their campus once a week. Club Live is a leadership club dedicated to making positive changes in their schools and communities while building the students into strong and confident leaders. Club Live hosts school and community projects such as merchant education and school climate projects. Merchant Educations is when Club Live gets to work with store owners to minimize them as an access point for minors to get alcohol and perform store make overs by taking down alcohol and tobacco ads in the stores and replacing them with merchant education. School Climate Projects is when Club Live picks an issue or topic that is relevant at the school and creating a project to spread awareness about it.

Club Live Committed Chapters are all throughout Butte County. Below is where they are located and the contact information of the chapter coordinator.

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Chico Schools

Social Media: @chicoca_club_live

Chico JR: Jariah Booker (

Bidwell JR: Rhiannon Besser (

Marsh: Tori Diaz (

Gridley Schools

Social Media: @sycamore_clublive @biggs_clublive

Biggs: Cody Walsh (

Sycamore: Cody Walsh (

Oroville Schools

Social Media: @orovillecacl

Ishi Hills: Julia.Arenas (

Palermo: Julia Arenas (

Central: Christina Chavez (