Athlete Committed Conference

Our first ever Athlete Committed Virtual Conference took place on May 27-28th.  The 2-day event featured 13 influential speakers and hosted almost 200 attendees from across the United States! Attendees interacted with the speakers via question-and-answer sessions, as well as periodic zoom quizzes and questionnaires.

The keynote speakers covered a broad range of topics, from mental health to diet and exercise Other keynote topics included:

  • How to Achieve the Optimal Workout from Home (Presented by former Navy Seals Jason and Buck)
  • Caring for your Mental Health as an Athlete & It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, During Coronavirus (Presented by motivational speaker Ivy Watts)
  • Leadership and Character (Presented by former NFL player Brandon Bair)
  • Staying Motivated & How to Rebound and Reboot (Presented by Aaron Davis)
  • Science of Human Performance & Creating Effective School Policy to Support Prevention and Intervention Programs and Practices (Presented by John Underwood)
  • The Next Chapter (Presented by Lain Hensley)
  • How Athlete Committed Improves Team Culture (Presented by Mark Cooley and Keith Rollins)
  • Finding Meaning and Motivation in the Midst of Crisis and Uncertainty (Presented by Jeremy Bates)
  • Administrator Perspective on Athlete Committed Improving School Culture (Presented by John Shepherd)

Our youth staff team split up the day by leading stretches, guiding mindfulness, and sharing their personal creeds.

Ready to Lead

The Athlete Committed Program is designed to optimize athletic performance, health, and wellness by educating coaches and athletes on the impact of nutrition, sleep, character, stress, and chemical health. Athlete Committed has been adapted from the Life of an Athlete Program developed by John Underwood. Life of an Athlete has been utilized in 39 states, and more than 600 NCAA institutions, the United States Olympic Committee, and Sport Canada.

Honor and Integrity

This campaign urges athletes to renew their commitment to excellence. This is a commitment of personal responsibility. This conference will reinforce the importance of wellness-both physical and emotional.

Never Quit

This conference teaches participants to become an outstanding coach, athlete, teammate, and peer during large and small group sessions. They learn how one person cam make a difference and how a focused, committed team can win-on and off the field.

The Athlete Committed Conference features:

Athlete Committed Program Implementation

Preventing Bullying, Harassment, Cyberbullying, and Creating an Inclusive Community

Ready to Lead-Willing to Follow: Athlete Code and Team Creed

Capture the Flag and Pool Party

Coach’s Playbook, Sleep Manual, Power Back Diet-Nutrition Manual

Optimal Practice and Training Techniques

Code Night Presentation “Training of Trainers”

High Ropes Course Experience

Reducing Mental Health Stigma and Promoting Mental Health Wellness on Teams, in Schools, and in Communities

Creating Balance-Reducing Stress

Bringing the Athlete Committed Code to Life

Impact of Stress-Creating Mental Wellness

Team Dynamics Through Competition and Strategy

Providing Support to Teammates-How to recognize that they need help

In addition, every school will receive a flash drive with Athlete Committed training materials