Impact Mentoring

Impact Mentoring is a program that pairs excelling high school students with junior high school students that would benefit from a high school mentor. Impact Mentoring meets once a week on the junior high school’s campus. Program participants focus on skills such as goal setting, creating trust, study habits, anger management, culture and diversity, preventing rumors and gossip, dependability, along with many other focus areas.


Butte County has 4 Impact Mentoring sites located in Chico, Gridley, and Oroville.


Bidwell Junior High Impact Mentoring Wednesdays afterschool 4p-6p

Contact: Rhiannon Besser


Marsh Junior High Impact Mentoring Tuesdays after school 4p-6p

Contact: Tori Diaz

530-922-0038 or 530-891-2891


Sycamore Middle-Gridley High Impact Mentoring

Contact: Julia Arenas


Nelson Middle School Mentoring

Contact: Christina Chavez

To apply to be a high school mentor please fill out an application below:

Mentoring Application- 2022 Survey (

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