Youth Development Summit


The Youth Development Summit is a two-day conference held in Richardson Springs every October. Participants are encouraged to be there, be committed, and speak up during this conference.

Be There:

The Youth Development Summit will take place on October 7-8, 2020. Check back for registration packets and additional info!

Be Committed:

Participants expand as leaders during large and small group sessions during this two-day conference. They learn how one person can make a difference and how a collective group can create an avalanche of change. Participants become advocates to end underage drinking and to address the industry saturating youth with the message to use. They learn how to improve their school campus climate, reduce bullying and harassment, and reduce the stigma associated with depression and isolation.

In addition to learning how to create change, participants also implement Committed “In Action” Projects, where they use the skills that they learned at YD Summit and put them into action. This is a great opportunity for participants to learn how to implement projects that they can take home to their school and community.

Committed “In Action” Projects:

Merchant Report Card-Junior High participants support local merchants in decreasing youth access to alcohol, by being a part of the team that grades Chico merchants on alcohol placement, store signage, and alcohol media messages. They provide education and tips to merchants on how they can raise their grade and become a Merchant Committed.

Parent Committed-High School participants strengthen their public speaking skills by being a part of a youth team that presents to a parent group. The presentation includes youth perspectives on underage access to alcohol and youth culture, the “Wasted” documentary, and a real discussion with parents on how to be a Parent Committed.

Best School Ever-This event captures the interest of all people who think positive peer influence can change student interactions on campus. This experience will share the secret behind creating a positive school environment where everyone is valued.

CSUC Campus Door Hanging-Participants partner with Chico State students and Butte Youth Now Coalition members in a door to door education project-ensuring that the neighbors surrounding Chico State are aware of the dangers and liabilities of hosting parties and providing alcohol to anyone underage. 1,000+ door hangers are distributed each year.

Live Decoy Operations-Out of County participants watch local Committed members partner with the Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) to ensure merchants are checking ID’s and are not selling alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. Participants attend a workshop describing to decoy operation and then they are able to ride “under cover” to ensure that merchants are following the law.

Alcohol Retailers Mapping in Proximity to Youth (ARMPY)-ARMPY mobilizes young people to use mapping to illustrate the density of alcohol outlets and the impact it has on the community. Youth will gather data to create a map documenting the number of alcohol outlets and the amount of alcohol media messages near youth attractions.

Athlete Committed-Local athletes deliver a presentation on how people can receive the most out of their athletic potential and transform the school athletic programs to programs of excellence. Participants learn how to bring Athlete Committed to their school.

Speak Up:

On day 2, participants experience a World Café with community leaders-Police Chiefs, Principals, City Council Members, Doctors, Firemen, Pastors, the Media, and other community leaders and decision makers.


In this session youth will be trained on how to conduct an interview and how to get their ideas and concerns across to people who help influence policy and create change. This is a chance to sit with Butte County decision makers and tell them about your vision for a community, real issues that young people and adults face, and your perspective on how young people can be included in community change.

“The youth are so exciting to meet with during the World Café. It restores my faith in our future when I see how many are committed to making tomorrow better for all” -Community Leader

Following the World Café, participants are able to apply for grant money through Youth Nexus, so school groups can implement a similar World Café on their own school campus with campus leaders.

Participants are also encouraged to speak up during our annual Lip Sync Battle. Contestants lip sync their hearts out with epic performances. All acts are in good taste, and the performances and songs do not have content related to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or sexual references.

Please email Jen Skinner at for more information, or call 530-891-2891.