Youth Nexus

Founded in 1999, Youth Nexus was the first youth philanthropy board in California. Youth philanthropy is the giving of time, talent, or money from youth to youth in the community. Youth Nexus chose its name to represent its meaning: “nexus” signifies a starting point that the council strives to be for youth change and advocacy in the community. Youth Nexus is a group of young people working as a team to represent and empower youth leaders. The council influences other young people to create positive change by funding youth-led community change projects. Since Youth Nexus began as the first youth philanthropy board in Northern California, it has provided opportunities for youth to help make decisions affecting other youth throughout Butte County.

Showcase Board


Youth Nexus has 3 main focuses:

Grant Writing

Youth Nexus funds youth-led projects every year through grant writing. Grants are funded at Butte County’s annual Summit Conference held at Richardson Springs.


Community Service

Youth Nexus gives back to the community by hosting a yearly holiday toy drive for children that will be in Enloe Hospital for the holiday season. This year, Youth Nexus received toys from all over the community and donated a total of 50 toys to the children at Enloe Hospital. The team even had the opportunity to hand deliver the toys and holiday cards to patients spreading warmth and cheer this holiday season.

Civic Action

Youth Nexus helps change the community’s policies and topics on youth access to alcohol by implementing a yearly civic action project. This year, Youth Nexus collected data on parent attitudes towards youth access to alcohol and knowledge about policies related to alcohol, and implemented Parent Committed, a project that educates parents on the dangers of providing alcohol to youth.

2019 Park Clean up 2

To learn more about Youth Nexus or to see how you can get involved, please contact Jenny Castaldo at 530-891-2891 or

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