Biggs Club Live

Meeting Times: Thursdays at 11:30am Mr. Gates classroom, in Room 22

EP Project: Club Live Officers implemented Merchant Committed by visiting two local stores in Biggs and graded the store using the Merchant Committed Report Card as a guide to educate, and demonstrate how media and beverage companies target youth in alcohol advertisements, to the placement of alcoholic beverages. Then they went over the report card with the store owner/employee and explained the grade the store was given and why.

School Climate Project: Biggs Club Live members came up with the idea of a compliment campaign where each fellow middle school student would receive at least 1“Wolverine Compliment of the day” before the school year ended. “I’ve been clawing the walls all day, to give YOU a Wolverine Compliment of the day!”

Biggs CL is run by Stacey Carrasco. To learn more about CL on Biggs’s campus, or to see how you can get involved, contact Stacey Carassco at


Stacey Carrasco

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