Bidwell Club Live

Meeting Times: Thursdays at lunch in room 501 during both 7th & 8th grade lunches

EP Project: Bidwell Junior High School Club Live is implementing Merchant Committed, a program where officers and club members educate merchants in the community about underage drinking in Butte County. The CL officers went to Star Liquor Market and educated the merchant and remodeled the store by placing Merchant Committed stickers on boxes of alcohol. They plan on going to two more stores to educate more merchants and reduce youth access to alcohol.

School Climate Project: Bidwell Club Live is working hard to put together a school climate project. The 7th grade students wrote compliments to other students and placed them in the student lockers during lunch to increase campus spirit, confidence, and morale. The 7th graders also implemented a campus wide dance party at lunch with great games and music.

The 8th graders set up a booth at lunch where students could compliment different teachers and faculty members at lunch by writing compliments on pieces of paper. The Club Live members distributed them by putting them in the teacher’s box.

The 7th and 8th graders teamed up to deliver holiday grams during the Christmas season. The Club Live members distributed a gram with candy attached to it during class, and the CL members were able to provide every student on campus with a holiday gram.

Next, the 7th and 8th grade Club Live members are going to team up to write compliments on index cards and place them in student’s backpacks. They will continue implementing monthly school climate projects, with the goal to unify the school and make students feel more connected with one another.

Bidwell Club Live is run by August Moore and Jenny Castaldo. To learn more about CL on Bidwell’s campus, or to see how you can get involved, contact August Moore at


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