Check Out Our Past Events!

Kan Jam Tournament& Movie Night

movie 8pm

For April, we had a two part event starting with a Kan Jam Tournament. We met at Pleasant Valley’s football field and had students from our local high schools compete against one another in this energetic game. Following up after our tournament, we got to wind down with an inspirational movie to end the thrilling night on the field.


Archery Tag

archery tag 20019

During the month of February, our event was Archery Tag! We had so many students from both high schools in Chico form teams of five to compete in a game of Archery Tag. We saw some creative teams with fun names and event some that had dressed up to represent their team! The event was lively, from the music playing all night to the excitement of the competition.



Capture the Flag


The event for the Fall season was Capture the Flag. Students met up at the Chico High football field eager to have some fun. The students were quickly split into two separate teams, but we weren’t ready to start the glow in the dark event just yet. Once we turned off all the stadium lights we were now prepared to go all out in the Capture the Flag event!