Ishi Hills Club Live

Meeting Times: 7th Grade meets in room D-1 during lunch, and 8th Grade meets in room G-4 during lunch

EP Project: Ishi’s officers recently visited two local Oroville stores and graded them using the Merchant Report Card. They are currently working towards re-visiting the stores to present the report card and provide Merchant Education to the store’s owners, managers, and employees.

School Climate Project: Ishi’s School Climate for 7th grade students is focusing on bringing art on campus as a way for students to creatively express themselves in a different way. 8th grade is assembling a “Tree of Hope” to provide positive and supportive messages to students who might be experiencing tough times.

Ishi Hills CL is run by Julia Arenas and Crystal Pack. To learn more about CL on Ishi’s campus, or to see how you can get involved, contact Julia Arenas at


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